Regulated financial information


Nollez Ink provides premium-quality translations of regulatory information, essentially comprising registration documents, annual reports and financial reports.


These documents provide companies with a great opportunity for showcasing their business and poor-quality English language versions can damage a firm’s image. We do not do “word for word”: despite the frequently technical nature of the material, our deliverables flow as naturally as the original.


Nollez Ink works with major listed groups, SMEs and midcaps, frequently in liaison with the Statutory Auditors. All of our clients know they can rely on our expertise to deliver a quality product whatever the deadline.


Nollez Ink has over 15 years’ experience translating registration documents and annual reports:

financial statements + notes thereto

front of book

risk and internal control reports

sustainable development reports / CSR reports

 We are constantly updating our knowledge in line with changes to IFRS/IAS.

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